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Our network planning consulting services detail the markets that will be served, the legs that will be flown and the frequency with which the markets will be served. We offer the very best in:

  • Market evaluation: Competitive analysis of the principal competitors in each potential market.

  • Detailed analysis: Traffic, capacity, service share, fare, etc.

  • Any and all indicative and operational flight schedules required.


Our fleet planning consulting services detail the aircraft types and configurations that are best suited for the future network plan. It includes:

  • Performance and economic analysis: Determine the optimized aircraft type.

  • Aircraft configurations: Meet airline service requirements and maximize profitability.

  • Fleet type and count analysis: Detail the type(s) of aircraft that would be deployed for future years.

  • Fleet cost analysis: Detail the estimated purchase, operating lease, finance lease, provisioning costs and operating costs of aircraft.

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