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When it came time to launch his own aviation company, the name Mondial was a natural fit. With an extensive background in the aviation industry, being "of the world” is what Gary is all about. At the age of seven, his family relocated to Yellowknife. As a child living in the more remote Northwest Territories, he became accustomed to being on airplanes. In 1979, Gary landed his first job in the aviation industry with NWT Air. It was here that his lifelong love affair with Hercs and the air charter industry was born. 


Gary spent the next 24 years building his career in the aviation industry through a variety of roles which took him around the globe. In 1989, he met Helene and in 1991, they were married. Together they would create and launch what is Mondial Aviation, with a mandate to move Anything to Anywhere

As a veteran of the air charter industry, Gary takes an enthusiastic approach to finding solutions for charter requirements or for any other aviation transportation-related matter. From his first days as a loadmaster for NWT Air where he was responsible for the safe loading and transportation of oversized cargo to remote sites throughout Canada’s North and around the world, he went on to fulfill a number of management positions within the aviation industry. In 1992, Gary was given the opportunity to manage the commercial charter operations for NWT Air where he furthered his knowledge of the air charter industry. He was promoted to Director of Charter Sales and Hercules Operations where he stayed until 1998, completing an 18-year career with NWT Air.


His next destination lay as a third-party contractor with FX Coughlin, the major logistics provider for the Ford Motor Company, where he provided the air charter logistics and coordination for Coughlin’s European operations. Gary also provided his expertise in negotiation, acquisition and delivery of a B737 Combi aircraft to Cayman Airways for their operations in the Caribbean. Following his contract with the airline, Cayman Airways hired Gary as their Senior Director of Cargo Sales and Operations Development where he developed an effective cargo and charter product while training the existing local employees. 


Gary was then hired by Canjet Airlines of Halifax as their Director of Charter Sales and Cargo Development. Following the sale of Canjet to Canada 3000, Gary received an offer from First Air to join the company in the position of Director, Charter Sales where he stayed until striking out on his own in the winter of 2003. 


Over the years, Gary has become knowledgeable about a wide range of aircraft types and their abilities, about various industries, and about the global aviation industry in general. Gary directs his energy and enthusiasm into customer satisfaction — continuing to anticipate needs and exceed expectations. When he isn't at his desk in Victoria, B.C. or flying around the world creating innovative solutions for his clients, Gary can be found trying to perfect his golf game. 

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